Today we are announcing a change of name, a new logo, and the launch of our new website.

During the last year the team have continued working through projects we already had in the pipeline and we have been winning new projects that have enabled us to thrive despite the challenges that we and most other SME’s have faced. Our team have mostly been working remotely and have been incredible throughout. The support of our clients and partners has been extraordinary. A big thank you to everyone.

We have also taken the opportunity to reflect on our business. Working with, we have been able to refocus and restate our beliefs, our purpose, and our pursuits. We wanted to ensure that we emerged from the challenges of the past year ready to go again with a clear vision and an invigorated team.

We will no longer be called MXTreality UK Ltd; we are now MXT. To be honest the former was always a bit of a mouthful and most of our clients (and not-yet-clients) naturally shorten it. But there’s more to it than that. We work with immersive technologies ; Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. However, what we produce, how we work, how we relate to our clients, is not defined by the technology that we use. Immersive Technology is a tool and whether you use it for gaming, simulation, visualisation, training, engineering, or whatever else, it is still only the tool that delivers an experience that has been imagined, designed, built, tested, and deployed.

What we do at MXT is accelerate human learning, performance, and ingenuity; first and foremost we are a Human Experience design company. We do this primarily through the application of immersive technologies.

What does that mean?

MXT put people, the human experience of us and our solutions, first by being:

  1. HUMAN. We blend human-centred design thinking with the latest immersive technologies to create fully immersive experiences that accurately simulate real-world situations;
  2. CLIENT-CENTERED. We work closely with you and your key stakeholders throughout each project to make sure that delivery meets expectations and the technology-based solutions we recommend map exactly to your needs without unnecessary expense or complication;
  3. TRANSFORMATIVE. We track, measure, and then quantify the impact and value of each and every experience to drive engagement, optimise behaviour, and advance our understanding.

Please have look at our new website,, to understand more and please do give us your feedback.